District 2

District 2, in Northeastern Florida, is home to more than 1.9 million residents. Its 18 counties cover nearly 12,000 square miles. Travelers on the state highway system log more than 43.2 million miles daily.

Two major transit authorities, assisted by the FDOT, operate in the district. The area is served by two deep-water ports, three major rail lines, and 139 public and private airports.

About the Northeast Florida Freight Movement StudyFDOT_D2Freight_logo_white

The study is being conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation District Two with the overall goal of enhancing and expanding the freight program for the 18-county Northeast Florida region.

Study Objectives

  • Develop a regional branding for freight and related services
  • Leverage public-private-partnership opportunities
  • Create a living document that is a useful tool for public and private sector stakeholders
  • Design the document to be upward looking to align with Federal and State policies while being tailored to meet local and regional freight needs
  • Create a defensible list of priority projects
  • Position FDOT District Two for future funding opportunities

District 2 Contact

1109 South Marion Avenue
Lake City, Florida 32025-5874

Greg Evans
(386) 961-7800

Freight Coordinator
Justin Ryan
(904) 360-5693