District 6

District Six encompasses Miami-Dade and Monroe counties in South Florida. The district is home to 2,550,220 people. Its roads are traveled more than 30.8 million miles daily. As of December 31, 2009, daily vehicle miles traveled (DVMT) on state roads for the district is 31,559.8. In 2008, for all public roads in the district, it is 56.7 million DVMT.

FDOT provides funding assistance to Miami-Dade Transit, which operates 893 buses in the district and the City of Key West Department of Transportation, which operates 17 buses. The area is also served by eight public-use airports, 48 private airports, two rail lines, and two deep-water ports: the Port of Miami and the Port of Key West.

Regional Projects

The tunnel is manned by trained and experienced operations personnel 24/7/365 with the right equipment to clear tunnel accidents and keep PortMiami moving

By connecting SR A1A/MacArthur Causeway to Dodge Island, the project  provides direct access between the seaport and highways I-395 and I-95, create another entry to PortMiami in addition to the Port Bridge to keep  PortMiami, the community’s second largest economic generator, competitive.

The PortMiami Tunnel has incorporated the latest safety features available in United States today, including state of the art Automatic Incident Detection and active sprinkler fire suppression systems.

The tunnels 91 roadway CCTV cameras and 110″ video wall enable display of the entire tunnel interior in less than 15 seconds, while its 50 ft hurricane flood gates ensure the tunnel will survive storm surges. Air quality is maintained with 8 Air quality sensors driving the tunnels 44 powerful ventilation fans so you can breathe easy.

Live lane control and dynamic messaging systems ensure timely safety information for motorists, and improved guardrail systems are designed to reduce the severity of motorcycle accidents.
Additionally, The POMT  improves traffic flow in downtown Miami by reducing the number of cargo trucks and cruise related vehicles on congested downtown streets, and aids ongoing and future development in and around downtown Miami.