Intermodal Logistics Centers (ILC)

An intermodal logistics center (ILC) typically has the following characteristics:

  1. It must provide for the transfer of freight from one vehicle or vessel (aircraft, ship, railcar, or truck) to another, allowing for freight to be exchanged between different modes, or between different vehicles or vessels of the same mode as part of an overall intermodal logistics chain;
  2. It may provide, as part of the intermodal transfer operation, value-added logistics activities such as consolidation/ deconsolidation, warehousing/distribution, assembly/ customization/finishing, packaging and labeling, cold storage, or fumigation;
  3. It must be located physically outside the boundaries of a deepwater seaport/private marine terminal or commercial service airport, but may include or be co-located with a rail terminal or truck terminal; and
  4. It may consist of a single property accessible to multiple users; of a master planned development of multiple properties; or of independent properties or contiguous industrial land uses within a designated industrial development zone, provided that ILC functions are provided by the included properties.

Eligible Uses of State Funds and Matching Requirements

Generally, the ILC Infrastructure Support Program is used to support on-site investments at a designated ILC, such as site access and internal circulation roads, rail spurs, truck loading ramps, and transloading facilities. This program requires the applicant to cover at least 50 percent of the total project cost.

For those ILCs that meet SIS criteria, statewide SIS managed funds can be used to support improvements to designated SIS intermodal connectors or other infrastructure that link the ILC to the state’s major highway and rail corridors, and from there to consumer and business markets in Florida and others states. A state match up to 75% is available for rail connections to SIS facilities and a state match up to 100% is available for roadway connections to a SIS facility. SIS funding typically requires a match when used on private sector or locally owned facilities.

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