Construction on SunRail’s Tupperware station, one of four in the commuter rail’s Phase 2 South expansion, begins this week.

Although crews are focusing only on erosion control and site clearing this week, the Tupperware station will be complete by mid-2017. It is expected to open by Feb. 1, 2018, when the entire south expansion will be open for passenger service.

SunRail is breaking ground this week on its new Tupperware station.

This station, like the others, will be about 300 feet long, and it will have a 100-space parking lot.

There are several new amenities unique to the station that weren’t included in the original design:

  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Upgraded benches with dividers
  • Flag poles

Other amenities at the station that are similar to those at existing SunRail stations include:

  • Ticket vending and validator machines
  • Variable message signs
  • Cash machines
  • Map kiosks
  • Bike racks
  • Benches
  • Water fountains

Although the station will not have restrooms, those exist on the trains.

Further, Tupperware paid to have its logo placed into the concrete at plaza entrances and on the seat walls, to create a connection between the company’s nearby headquarters and the SunRail station.

There will be advertising opportunities on the trains, although there may not be any at the stations.

The passenger train service began construction in April on its $186.9 million Phase 2 extension, and will include construction of three other stations: Meadow Woods already broke ground, while construction of stations in Kissimmee and Poinciana will begin later this year.

The contractor for the Phase 2 South extension is Middlesex-Herzog II, a joint venture between Littleton, Mass.-based The Middlesex Corp. and St. Joseph, Mo.-based Herzog Contracting Corp.

SunRail’s Phase 2 South is expected to generate $1 billion in transit-oriented development, which Osceola County already has seen the beginnings of with the construction of two new shopping centers and $85 million in new apartments near the station.

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