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Article By: Jarell Baker


Getting stuck in traffic is nothing new for drivers in our area, but the Florida Department of Transportation is working on a project that just may start things moving along.

“This project has been in our books for quite sometime and what its main purpose is to try to alleviate some of that traffic,” said FDOT Spokesperson Adam Rose.

According to Rose, the department is hoping to kick gridlock to the curb by building a new road.

“This project is mainly a purpose to connect U.S. 98 in Callaway, U.S. 98 in Mexico Beach and U.S. 231. Just kinda creates another road and adds more capacity for anyone to kinda travel,” said Rose.

FDOT held a meeting on Feb. 7 to show locals designs and plans for the new road. Callaway Mayor Pamn Henderson said the new road will pave the way for more growth in the city.

“It is in our service district, we feel like there is an opportunity for a lot of development there, this is a big thing for Callaway,” said Henderson.

Rose said the construction for the new roadway is just the first step in the process.

“We have a handful of segments that are under design and study just so we make sure we get exactly what we want when we want to start construction,” said Rose.

Rose said the road will also have a multipurpose side street. Construction is set to start in 2021.