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Article By: Rachel Christian



Over 45 percent of commuters who live or work within walking distance of a SunRail station are using the train at least once a week and a third say they use it every day, according to a new study.

The study conducted by MetroPlan Orlando and Florida State University is an admittedly early look at Transit Oriented Developments (TOD), but MetroPlan Transportation Planner Elizabeth Whitton said it creates a good base line for future research.

“This is a look at the success of SunRail during its early stages, the first year or two it was in operation,” she said.

The first task in the study involved analyzing three years of SunRail ridership data and census numbers to identify any station-specific rider trends and where potential riders live and work, according to the study.

The second step was a deep dive into the demographic, socioeconomic and employment characteristics of those who live in the transit-oriented development around stations.

The study tried to determine the number of work-related commutes that originate and end within a 10-minute walk of a SunRail station.

They found 4,000 potential daily riders, and about a third of them seem to commute daily via train.