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A 2017 Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles report found there were 66,000 vehicle crashes in Miami-Dade County that year, of which 32,000 were injuries and 285 were fatalities. That makes Miami-Dade County  among the most dangerous regions in the state when it comes to accidents. That year, South Florida also ranked the 11th most dangerous region for pedestrians in the country. 

Now, leaders and lawmakers are gathering to discuss ways to make roads safer in the region. The Safe Streets Summit, being held Feb. 25-26, is a collaborative effort between the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency.

Alice Bravo, the Director of Miami-Dade County’s Transportation and Public Works Department, spoke at the conference. Before she did so, she joined Luis Hernandez to talk about solutions and take listener questions.

WLRN: When you hear those statistics how do you respond to that?

Bravo: In our county in terms of implementing projects there’s a lot we look for in terms of design, but we also have to talk about the great majority of crashes are often caused by driver behavior and things that drivers themselves can control. So I think it’s important that we talk about both sides of this coin.