Article by: Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART)

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The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) is the first transit agency in Florida to directly partner with SeeClickFix Inc., a communications platform, which will allow HART riders to stay connected with HART. The OneBusAway Tampa app’s latest feature allows riders to report issues, provide suggestions to HART in real time, receive status updates, and monitor the progress and resolutions.

In addition, riders can vote on issues that are important to maintaining our transit system. Behind the scenes, issues and suggestions are automatically assigned to the appropriate department for immediate attention, thus streamlining the customer service process and enabling better statistical reports.

“HART is pleased to bring this additional benefit to our customers,” said HART CEO, Katharine Eagan. “We hope this feature will encourage our riders to work with us and stay connected through this communication feature so that we can be aware of any issues and address them quickly.

The OneBusAway Tampa App is free to the public. However, the customer service reporting feature is currently only available on Android devices.

A recent update to the iOS platform allows HART patrons to instantly track buses to see exactly how far the bus is from their current location. The OneBusAway Tampa layout has also been greatly improvement.

Since it was originally launched, the GPS-powered system has gained in popularity with HART patrons, and it is accessed close to 300,000 times per month. Thanks to OneBusAway, riders save time, effort, and stress and can be reassured regarding the arrival time of their bus.