Images credited to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA)

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Article By: Jerry Hume


Images credited to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA)
Orlando International Airport Main Entrance

New anticipated growth is forcing Orlando International Airport leaders to look at expanding their new south terminal, even before it opens.

Construction is underway on the new terminal, which will add 16 gates to accommodate up to 21 airplanes.

However, given the projected growth, the airport will need more room for more passengers and airplanes.

“By the time we’re done with the gates, we are going to be out of capacity, so we need to expand,” said Frank Kruppenbacher, the chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

On Wednesday, the GOAA will consider adding three more gates for six more airplanes.

If the $670-million expansion is approved, those three additional gates would open with the rest of the South Terminal Phase 1 in the year 2021.

Adding the three gates should allow the aviation authority to keep up with projected demand through the year 2025.

Orlando International Airport is Florida’s busiest airport. Last year the airport had a record 44.6 million passengers.

The airport is expect to hit 46 million passengers by the fall of this year.