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Article By: Steven Ponson

The Overland Bridge Project has been disrupting you drive on I-95 for more than 5 years now and Florida Department Of Transportation says the project is winding down. We checked in with FDOT and they say the project should be “substantially complete” in July, and that’s if the weather holds up. FDOT says there could be some residual construction that lasts past July, like painting of lines and installing overhead signs. The Overland Bridge Project is the construction you’ve been seeing on I-95 in both directions in between Emerson Street and The Fuller Warren Bridge. FDOT says some of the designed improvements include widening I-95 south, changing the I-95, Atlantic Boulevard, Philips Highway interchange, and improving the way you get into downtown from the Acosta and Main Street Bridges.

As the project wraps up FDOT says there will be a new traffic signal to be on the look out for. FDOT says the signal is at the bottom of the exit ramp from I-95 south on to Atlantic Boulevard. FDOT says the lights at the bottom of the exit ramp are on and flashing and they will continue to flash for at least one week to let you know about the new signal. FDOT says there will be advanced warning signals constantly flashing at the top of the exit ramp from I-95 south to warn you about the new signal ahead. As part of the Overland Bridge Project, FDOT says they are also going to open a new exit ramp to Atlantic Boulevard from I-95 north. FDOT says they hope to open the new exit ramp with in the next week if the weather permits.

FDOT says the Overland Bridge Project is estimated to cost $227 million, and FDOT advises you to drive the 45 miles per hour speed limit, as you are approaching the new traffic signal at the bottom of the exit ramp from 95 south.