Canaveral Cruise Ships

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Canaveral Cruise Ships
Canaveral Cruise Ships

The Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners has opted to approve the terms of a long-term agreement with Carnival Cruise Line, giving Carnival the opportunity to homeport its newest and largest ship at Port Canaveral’s upcoming CT-3 terminal.

The new operating agreement, starting on the first day of September, takes the place of an existing six-year agreement that will expire in 2019. It also provides an over 20-year primary term with four additional five-year renewal options. From the conditions of this agreement, Carnival’s minimum annual guarantee increases from the current fixed $7 million passenger fee to $14.5 million with annual escalators.

Both the Canaveral Port Authority and Carnival Cruise Line will provide money to create a new two-story, more than 180,000-sq. ft. terminal for the over 170,000 ton Carnival Cruise Line ship, engineered with Carnival Corporation’s new LNG-powered “green cruising” design platform. The ship will be able to hold more than 6,000 guests.

Creating the new CT-3 terminal, including the adjacent elevated parking facility to accommodate nearly 1,800 vehicles, and related wharf, road and access improvements, will cost $150 million. It is, according to Port Canaveral, the largest single project in the history of the port. The new terminal is scheduled to be finished by June 2020.

This new ship will mark 30 years that Carnival Cruise Line has been sailing from Port Canaveral, the longest of any of the port’s cruise partners.

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