Florida Spaceport

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Article By: Matthew Richardson and Richard Bilbao

Florida Spaceport
Florida Spaceport, SpaceX


SpaceX has massive plans in play to bolster its growing commercial space operations at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.

The Hawthorne filed draft environmental review plans with the space center for a multitude of new facilities called the Roberts Road development.

The company said the plans are to support the growing Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch manifest at Launch Complex-39A and Launch Complex-40.

Here’s more from SpaceX’s proposal on each of the planned pieces:

Launch and Landing Control Center: This 32,000-square-foot center would be of sufficient size to host a data center; firing room; engineering room; control center for Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon; customer control center; temporary customer offices; and indoor and outdoor meeting space. The launch control center is envisioned to be world-class, architecturally distinctive and equipped for satellite, cargo and crew missions. In addition to hosting remote launch operations to prepare Falcon launch vehicles for flight, the center would provide customer accommodations, including administrative space for senior executives on launch day, meeting space, technical control rooms, management rooms and viewing accommodations for customers.

Booster and fairing processing and storage facility: This is an additional 133,000-square-foot center for the refurbishment processing and storage of Falcon vehicles. Future plans include the development of an additional 32,000-square-foot facility for other rockets that can be used for parts or hardware investigation and other facilities.

Rocket Garden: This is a historic area of SpaceX rockets that include the Dragon and Falcon 9 vehicles staged vertically or horizontally.

Utilities yard: This 280,000-square-foot area includes the support infrastructure needed for the new property. Utilities including fiber communications, air-conditioning, domestic wastewater, potable water and gas would be run from State Road 3 and tie in to the northeast corner of the property.

Security office: A 2,500-square-foot security hub to oversee the property.

Rocket launches on Florida’s Space Coast helps the area grab a bigger piece of the $330 billion global space industry, while also creating job opportunities for businesses in the area such as part suppliers, or even hotels and restaurants as tourists visit to view the liftoff.