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Article By: Kevin Spear



SunRail is promoting for the first time women engineers as part of an expansion of Central Florida’s commuter rail this summer. One of them is Christine Davis, 41, a veteran conductor, who plays volleyball, boxes and is grateful for a shot at a male-dominated job.

“All my regular passengers see me up here and they go, ‘Awesome, good job, we are proud of you, Christine, it’s about time there is a woman up there,’” Davis said. “It’s a really cool feeling.”

But, said her husband of two years, it would be a mistake to think the cool feeling is what drives his wife.

“Don’t get into a fight with her and don’t step on the volleyball court with her,” Drake Davis said. “She is the most competitive person I know. The sky’s the limit for this woman.”

Davis said that in his 20 years of rail, he has learned that women in the industry are “far and few between” but often bring a more solid aptitude – an overall awareness of surroundings – than men.

At SunRail, Stephanie Germosen was promoted as a full-time engineer earlier in May, while Bombardier will bring on Jonett Fiagro as a student engineer.

The SunRail system has 13 engineers and 12 conductors, working a route that now spans 32 miles and requires as many as five trains running at once.

For a 17-mile expansion into Osceola County this summer, SunRail is increasing the number of both engineers and conductors to 19 and expanding the number of trains running at once to as many as seven.