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The Port of Jacksonville (JAXPORT) is located in Northeast Florida, the heart of the nation’s fast-growing Southeast region, with excellent connections to in-demand markets. It is a diverse, established and experienced seaport attracting intense global interest thanks to an outstanding selection of logistics assets and extras.

With impressive cargo terminals welcoming cargo of every shape and size, JAXPORT is uniquely equipped to help shippers and carriers move to the next level. Looking for faster, more cost effective distribution and deliveries? A healthier cash flow? Satisfied, committed customers and employees? You will find it all ̶ and more ̶ at JAXPORT.

Today, Jacksonville’s terminals handle more containers than any other Florida port. The port offers direct routing via both the Panama and Suez canals. It is served by the globe’s three largest ocean carrier alliances and a total of 40-plus carriers in all, covering the world’s key markets. JAXPORT is the second busiest vehicle port in the nation and has long reigned as the number one port for Puerto Rican trade.

Investing in growing capacity

With the start of construction to deepen its channel to 47 feet, JAXPORT is positioned to accommodate more cargo aboard the largest ocean carriers. Within the last decade Asian volumes through JAXPORT have grown from a handful of boxes to 35 percent of its container business – with major growth projected to continue.

Local markets, as well as those throughout the Southeast U.S. and north to the Midwest, are helping fuel an Asian trade surge. The U.S. market for Asian imports through JAXPORT is seemingly insatiable – the timing is perfect to expand Jacksonville’s competitiveness and capacity with a deeper channel.

JAXPORT offers a champion line-up of port services and amenities, in part thanks to $600 million in recent investment. Three new 100-gauge container cranes recently added to the port’s existing lineup of post-Panamax equipment, upgraded docks and berths, and an ultra-efficient $30-million Intermodal Container Transfer Facility are the latest assets to sharpen the port’s competitive edge.

Roy Schleicher, JAXPORT’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, says that the extraordinary improvements are proving indispensable to carriers and big logistics customers with massive distribution centers.

Distribution Center Cluster Anchors Ocean Capacity

Jacksonville’s rapidly growing distribution center cluster supports its growing carrier capacity. According to the most recent CoStar Industrial Report, Jacksonville offers as much industrial space as both Savannah and Charleston combined, while offering more available space at a lower average cost per square foot (below)…