Aviation & Spaceports

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Florida’s aviation system makes substantial contributions to the state’s economy through tourism and business travel, aviation-related construction, air cargo shipments, military activity and aviation education. Florida’s commercial, general aviation and military airports generate $129.1 billion in economic activity. These public and military airports are responsible for 1.2 million jobs with a total payroll of $39.8 billion.


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Contact Information

Aviation & Spaceports
Aaron N. Smith
State Aviation Manager
(850) 414-4514

Florida has the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a thriving commercial space industry in the state.

Space transportation is the movement of or means of moving objects, such as satellites and cargocarrying vehicles, scientific payloads, or passengers to, from, or in space. Space Florida, which was created to foster growth and development of a sustainable and world-leading aerospace industry in Florida, assists the aerospace business sector by providing launch facilities, financial services and innovative education programs.

FDOT and Space Florida work closely to provide space transportation services and infrastructure. NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and the State of Florida are partnering together to take advantage of opportunities using the state’s existing assets: launch facilities, payload processing and checkout facilities, and the Shuttle Landing Facility. The Executive Office of the Governor, FDOT, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Enterprise Florida and Space Florida are all working together to support the development
of this important business sector.

FDOT supports the aerospace industry by:

  • Including spaceport and aerospace needs in the Florida Transportation Plan and the Strategic Intermodal System Plan
  • Helping develop joint-use facilities and technology foraviation and aerospace operations
  • Cooperating with Space Florida to develop spaceport infrastructure and related transportation facilities in the SIS Plan
  • Addressing intermodal requirements and impacts of launch ranges, spaceports and other facilities
  • Encouraging cooperation and integration of airports and spaceports Since the coordinated effort on Florida’s Spaceport System Plan in 2013, FDOT has been providing financial assistance to Space Florida for their high-priority spaceport projects.