Why Rail Matters

Florida rail transportation plays a critical role in meeting the challenges of continuing population growth, a rapidly diversifying economy, improving our infrastructure, and preserving our exceptional natural environment.  This requires a creative and visionary approach to addressing the mobility needs of Florida’s citizens, businesses, and visitors while fostering smarter and more sustainable patterns of growth for our future.

Florida’s Strategic Plan for Economic Development, which is developed by Enterprise Florida envisions Florida creating high-paying jobs in the service, information, and technology markets. These types of businesses demand faster and more reliable transportation options – a role that rail can play for the movement of both passengers and freight. Significant increases in freight are forecasted in the future at a national level as well as in Florida. Although trucks will handle a significant amount of this freight, highway congestion and energy costs will make the increase in the percentage of freight moved by rail a necessity.

Florida Rail System Plan Update – Comment Now!

The Freight and Multimodal Operation office of the Florida Department of Transportation is updating the statewide rail plan, and we need YOUR input! The Florida Rail System Plan sets the passenger and freight rail vision for the state, identifies benefits of improvements, and includes a Rail Service and Investment program with short and long-term investment strategies for the state.

Please review the draft plan documents and take the survey below to provide input. Comments in the survey will be accepted between September 20 – October 4, 2018.

Click below to provide comments on draft plan documents.

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The Vision of Rail

Florida has a safe, secure, and efficient passenger and freight rail system providing mobility, improving quality of life and promoting economic opportunities and environmental sustainability for Florida.

Florida’s residents, visitors, and businesses enjoy improved quality of life, increased economic opportunities and competitiveness, smart growth in and around urban centers, and greater environmental sustainability.  Rail is contributing significantly to all of these by providing safe, and increasingly seamless, interconnected passenger and freight mobility throughout the state, its regions and in many cases its communities, as well as efficient connections to national and international markets.  It does this through thoughtful investment strategies, effective public/private and public/public partnerships, and full integration with other modes of transportation.

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Florida Operation Lifesaver is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public safety organization committed to reducing the number of tragic incidents at highway-rail grade crossing intersections and trespassing on railroad rights-of-way.

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