Why Spaceports Matter

From agriculture to satellites to your morning coffee, space freight impacts almost every facet of daily life. National space needs for civil applications, exploration, and defense already directly employ over 18,000 federal personnel and support contractors in Florida, with an estimated indirect statewide impact totaling 40,680 jobs.

Since the 1960s, space transportation-enabling infrastructure currently valued at over $14 billion has been Government  built to create the world’s most capable spaceport here in Florida. Our State has since secured a global brand as the starting point for voyages to the planets, initiation of international telecommunications, and as launch site of choice for the new private sector leaders of the commercial space industry.

From road to rail, to airports, seaports, and spaceports Florida will get your people, products and ideas to the world – fast.

Changing The Face Of Aviation

Florida has long been the world’s premier gateway to space, and home to manufacturing of aircrafts and aviation/ aerospace components. Nothing is more important than a strong workforce, and the aviation and aerospace industry supports 85,000 Floridians in this industry ranging including rocket scientists, machinists, computer scientists, engineers, pilots, and other badgeable workers.

FDOT’s Spaceport Improvement Program

This information presents FDOT’s actual and projected yearly spaceport funding from 2013 to 2022

Capital Improvments
Launch Complexes

Product Support
Financial Analysis
Design / Inspection

Contact Information

Wayne W. Lambert, Jr.
Spaceport Development Manager
(850) 414-4513

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